How it works

OPATUS CPTA is done on a smartphone (mobile). Before the test, enter an ID (a self-chosen username or an anonymous study ID), gender and birthday. One should sit in a regular dining chair without swivel, tilt or armrest in a room without disturbances. The mobile is held with both hands and with the hands in the knee as shown in the figure 2. Use the thumb of your dominant hand to tap the screen.

The test involves observing symbols that shortly appear on the screen. The task is to tap the screen as a response to some symbols, and avoid tapping to others. The test last for 8-20 minutes depending on your age.

When the test is completed, press “Submit Test” – and you are done!!

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Click image to see an example before and after treatment in the case of a good respons on medication

Figure 1.

Example of personal info

Figure 2.

How to sit

Figure 3.

Task from 6 up to 12 years

Figure 4.

Task for 12 years and up