We offer a free Trial period: Get experienced in your own Clinic

Try out for two weeks or so in your own clinic and on your own patients. Test for instance patient performance pre and post therapy. Experience the benefits of the report as a tool for communication with patient and/or guardian.

*This offer is only available for HCP (Healthcare professional)

Why Opatus?

Opatus is a Swedish medtech company that improves the quality of life for people with attention difficulties through an improved, smartphone-based diagnostic support and treatment follow-up method. We focus on providing tools for objective assessment of various human profiles with the aim to support professionals in the determination of possible diagnoses, such as ADHD.


Dr. med. R. Meyers

Dorsten, Germany


P.Knagenhjelm, PhD.

Göteborg, Sweden


Dr. med. P. Wehmeier

Frankfurt, Germany


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We will guide you through the trial period

If you become a customer, we will charge 10€/test, invoiced monthly

Our promise

Improved accuracy

Evidence shows that a CPT enhanced with activity measurements improves the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment follow-up

Seamless experience​

Simple test administration, intuitive report. Easy to explain, increases patient insight

Remote administration

The test can be administrated remotely opening for that the real clinic-test may be performed, for example, at home or at at school

And so much more...

Simple and clean. No Extras, no fixed fees, no test = no pay

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