We offer a free Trial period: Get experienced in your own Clinic

Try out for two weeks or so in your own clinic and on your own patients.

Test for instance patient performance pre and post therapy

Experience the benefits of the report as a tool for communication with patient and/or guardian.

Main benefits

Some Comments

Opatus CPTA

We will guide you through the trial period. If you find that Opatus CPTA works for your clinic will

  • facilitates the  diagnosis process
  • facilitates the titration process
  • increase the insight of patients/guardians using the report for discussions
  • facilitate follow-up of patients
Then we will offer you to continue using Opatus CPTA

If you become a customer, we will charge 10€/test, invoiced monthly
Simple and clean. No extras, no fixed fees, no tests = no pay

Yes, I want to try this!!

By submitting this request, you allow us to save the information you provide and to be in contact with you. You can always ask us to delete all information we have on you and we will only keep what is required by law (if you become a customer). We will never share your data with anyone else unless you explicitly ask us to do so.