Opatus improves neuropsychiatric assessment through

accessibility – precision – patient empowerment

Opatus AB provides

– for objective assessment of attention, e.g. in ADHD assessments!

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We provide a complementary neuropsychiatric tool for simultaneous measurements of Attention, Impulsivity and Activity.

Opatus CPTA increases diagnosis precision and is easy to use, quick, cost effective and accessible. Our users are psychologists, psychiatrists and doctors in public or private child, adolescent and adult psychiatry, used for both attention assessment and follow-up dose titration. The tool is also used by researchers.


Two of the many faces of  ADHD (illustration images only)




Opatus AB is a Swedish medtech company that improves the quality of life for people with attention difficulties through an improved, smartphone-based diagnostic support and treatment follow-up method.

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Opatus CPTA is based on well-founded science and principles. A Continuous Performance Test, CPT, is presented on the mobile unit. Various symbols are flashed on to the screen and the task is to respond (by tapping the screen) to certain symbols (targets), and to not respond to other symbols (non-targets), as quick and accurate as possible. Although a simple task, its limited amusement factor makes it difficult for some to keep up the attention causing erratic responses to be more frequent.

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